Destination Wedding Cinematography

We love destination wedding videography. In fact we love it so much that we’ll be basing ourselves in Sayulita, Mexico for the early months of 2016! 

When you choose to have a destination wedding you’re most likely picking a location for a specific reason. It might be the natural beauty, it might be somewhere you’ve spent time before, or it might just bring you closer to loved ones. The occasion is also made more special because you’ll be surrounded by very close friends and family who may have also made the long journey. A destination wedding isn’t just about one day, it may be several or even a whole week.

As film-makers we love having the opportunity to spend extra time with you, your friends and family, as well as being able to capture the real essence of where you are and how it felt to be there. We’ll put in the extra time to film location footage before and after your wedding, we’ll scout out some amazing locations and we’ll also cover some of your pre-wedding activities to add an extra dynamic to your film.  

We’re always understanding of the the spiralling costs that can occur when planning a wedding and these can be made all the more complicated when factoring in travel and accommodation expenses for vendors. For this reason we remain flexible in figuring out logistics as well as giving you videography package options which maximize quality whilst keeping our service affordable. To get an idea of what you can expect please take a look at a couple of our recent destination films (including “Matt and Jo”, for which we won “Best Destination Cinematography” at the 2014 BC Wedding Awards!) and get in touch for more information.



“Nikko and Darell” – we also put together a short pre-wedding film to get their guests excited for their entrance to their reception.