Kismet Creative was born out of a storybook romance.  The definition of Kismet is “fate” or “destiny” We are a husband and wife team that believe in the magic that is created when two people fall in love.  We lived on opposite sides of the Atlantic when we met but felt that the Universe was conspiring to keep us together.  This is how the idea of “Kismet” became the prevailing theme of our love story.

We are an award-winning Vancouver Wedding Videography company, working locally and internationally creating beautiful and emotional films. We are passionate about beautiful cinematography and crafting engaging stories which capture the unique personality of your day. This is your story & it deserves to be enjoyed long into the future!

We combine real world film production expertise with a thoughtful, personal touch. We’ve been doing this for over 12 years, working with clients including the BBC and Warner Brothers. Coming from a background different to most event filmmakers gives us a unique perspective, allowing us to approach filming and editing with an extra flare of creativity and attention to detail. We’re writers, cinematographers, directors and editors and we approach our weddings with the same creativity and passion as we do with our own projects.

We love to mix and match natural candid shots with epic cinematography to create a visually dynamic film but our main priority is to capture genuine emotions and reactions. So we make use of the latest HD and 4K Video DSLR cameras which allow us to capture crisp and stunning visuals yet remain discrete and unobtrusive on your wedding day. Honestly, many of your guests wont even know we’re there! When it comes to editing we look for the key emotional moments from the day and build a story around them. All good stories have something in common; a beginning, middle and an end, a solid narrative that keeps you engaged and entertained throughout. While we like to mix footage and audio from throughout the day within the video, each shot has been carefully considered and placed at a point in the edit where it makes sense. The set up, the adventure and finally the pay-off. Happily ever after!

We want to be inspired by you, to understand your interests, passions and style. We only take on a limited number of commissions each year so that we are able to focus our enthusiasm and energy into creating your personalized hand-crafted masterpiece.

So feel free to browse our work and contact us if you have any questions. We love meeting new people and hearing your ideas so how about we go for a coffee and find out a little bit more about you.

Mark and Danielle